NairaHub provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and make it a way of making extra cash with their mobile devices for FREE!!

Here’s how you earn on NairaHub

You earn ₦1,000.00 immediately you successfully activated your account.

  • Daily Logins: Earn upto ₦100 for logging into your NairaHub account daily.
  • Reading News: Earn ₦20 per each content you read on our platform.
  • Commenting on News: You earn ₦20 for commenting on each posts on the website.
  • Daily Tasks: Earn upto ₦50-₦100 for completing each tasks daily on the NairaHub.
  • Sponsored Post: You earn ₦150 for sharing sponsored post on your FB account daily.
  • Referral Bonus: You can earn up to ₦250,🔥 this is the highest way to earn (and it’s not compulsory).

**The minimum withdrawal is N6,000 for referral earners & N10,000 for activities earners. Both earnings will be paid out every 25th of each month.**

Note; You are not allowed to use your referral link to create multiplxe accounts for yourself in order to earn more. If such act is caught, we won’t process the user payment.

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