Gangstar Vegas is one of the games published by Gameloft and developed by Gameloft Montreal which was released on June 17 2013.
This open-world action-adventure video game circles around Jason Malone, who is besieged by Frank Velliano after a match victory in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gangstar Vegas has the essentials of an open world gameplay, driving, and shooting that serve the player control to the interface and a magnificent game experience
At its release it got a lot of critics and reviews from players who condemned the animations, regular updates received a score of 61 out of 10 at Metacritic and TouchArcade gave four stars out of five in a review.

The game is structured to perform with extensions from Grand Theft Auto and other clones.
Pedestrians (NPC’s) can be killed, for a player to get collectibles, and also vehicles can be damaged. The game world is much bigger with Gameloft publishing it as “Gangstar’s largest open world”.
The game is equipped with over 80 missions, including thefts, racing, action, shooting, and many more.
Unlike other games Gangstar Vegas has property management enabled, giving access to the player’s ability to generate income through business and investments.
A player can roam easily and typically involve in side activities including underground fighting tournaments, street racing, robberies, and lots more, and at the same time keeping up with some mini-games like slot machines, video poker, and blackjack with other institutions like nightclubs and grocery stores

10 Characters in Gangster Vegas
It is not clear what you are asking about 10 characters in Gangster Vegas. Gangster Vegas is a mobile game that allows players to build their own criminal empire and engage in various activities such as completing missions, competing in races, and participating in real-time multiplayer events. The game features a wide range of characters, each with their own unique appearance, abilities, and backgrounds. Some of the characters in Gangster Vegas include:

Frank Veliano: the main character of the game and a member of the Italian mafia.

Tony Green: a member of the Irish mafia and a skilled driver.

Samantha Jackson: a member of the Russian mafia and a skilled hacker.

James Kojima: a member of the Japanese mafia and a skilled fighter.

Carlos Martinez: a member of the Mexican mafia and a skilled gunman.

Michael Williams: a member of the African-American mafia and a skilled

Maria Hernandez: a member of the Colombian mafia and a skilled hacker.

Kim Lee: a member of the Chinese mafia and a skilled driver.

Ahmed Hassan: a member of the Arab mafia and a skilled gunman.

Jack Barnes: a member of the British mafia and a skilled fighter.
It is worth noting that the list of characters in Gangster Vegas may vary depending on the version of the game and any updates that have been made.

The suggested least age for this app is 17. It is presently in the queue for a more comprehensive assessment. Though, we can already report that it will uncover your kid to a pint-sized adult-rated content.


The GANGSTAR VEGAS game is compatible with both android and ios.


For Android
Android version: 5.1.1 and above
Ram: 2 GB and above.
Storage: 16 GB and above.
Processor: A decent processor, for example, Snapdragon 425 equivalent and above.

Ios version: 9.0 and above.
Ram: 2GB and above.
Storage: 16GB and above.
Processor: Apple A9 64-bit processor and Embedded M9 Motion Co-processor and above,


  1. Search for the GANGSTAR VEGAS game on the Google play store or app store.
  2. Download the game.
  3. Allow for download to complete and installed.
  4. After downloading open the game to play and have fun.



2.6 GB IOS




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